Ports(USB,C-Type USB,LAN,AUX,HDMI) problems handling

3 usb ports are not performing via inserting usb devices(acer 5742). ports are not locating the devices on os and bios. wipe the usb ports with substance. its detecting clearly.

Screen problems handling

vertical line on screen (e6420) by defaulting.not to repair itself.alter screen for pleasant visual.

No visual problems handling

ram conductance rusting by continue use laptop and maintain properly(e41-25). insert new for getting visual.

panel problems handling

its already using hardly and damages (hp15-j109tx)panels every side. its retrive by moulding. because its out date models.

Speakers problems handling

sound is noisy.its distortion,when set above 70%. on hp 15s-eq21.situate new can listen clear.

Touchpad problems handling

After 20 min or multi programms at time. its become very slow the mouse pointer sticking a place, not continue.once abort the program and restart return(acer5742). notice to brush the heat sink fan to clear the dust. the problem is away.This post is sponsored by our partners Wigs

Wifi card problems handling

wificard is (acer 5742)not locate around wifi signals. install new drivers and os no use. we remove to wipe wifI card clean .its detecting arund wifisignals.


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