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Battery problems handling

its state down(840g3). while working, not to up again, if press the button.test with adpater and powercord .the powercord is defection. once replace, current is flowing and charging the battery.

bios problems handling

when connect adapter, its functioning(b460e) automatically. not contact power button by cmos battery problem and not set up date and time.

heatsink fan problems handling

if connect, exception hdd, and other parts with motherboard(b490). its collapse in sec, for not functioning the heatsink fan. once alter the fan.can keep heavy load.

Camera and cable Problems handling

customer inactivated the camera by function keys.who is not experience, is not restore this problem.actually we updated the driver and examining the hardware without cross check on it.(e41-25).

Harddisk problems handling

its erroring (disk read error) on inspiron n5110 by worn.and otherthing is not connect via external and internal. remove to fix new.

Keypad problems handling

dell latitude E6400 laptop, some keys are not responding past 1 month. customer handled by external keypad for convenience. but they fix to replace new keypad for without upset.

Motherboard problems handling

its restarting after shut the laptop, reinstall os and hdd, for restore but couln,t then removed to examine keypad,dvd drive.once defaulting cmos setup .then completed.(latitudeE5430)

Operating system problems handling

customers are uploading os without skills. then they are facing problems everyday. not to know desolve category of problems(Dell latitude E6420 windows not genuine,not activate).approach at service centre last.

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